Wednesday, February 25

7 Months Ushered in by Sickness

It was all so unassuming. A simple spit-up of epic proportion. But then it happened again. And again.

A single day of under the-weather behavior and another throw up or two. By Friday night I thought "Wow, that wasn't bad." Boy -- did I have something coming for me on Saturday morning. The smells issuing from his room (even with the door closed) was quite unbearable. However unbearable it was, it needed to be bear-ed and dealt with. We conquered the stench as a team. That stench and each one following for the remainder of the weekend.

Oh, we tried finding answers everywhere. We didn't want to freak out and bring him in costing us $200 for a 5 minute look at him and to hear that "it's viral." So we called the nurse line, asked for advice on Facebook and text our friends and family. All signs pointed to it being related to teething or a stomach bug. Even the message we received from the Dr. said to continue treatment at home and it could last a week or two. (Or two?? What the what? Not cool!!)

But we stayed our course. Through the weekend.

          Through Monday.

                    Through Tuesday.

                              And through Wednesday...

Each day seeming in great spirits and showing no signs of illness...until...he'd throw up again. Or keep the runny diapers. Each time resetting the daycare 24 hr countdown. 

Here we are. Wednesday afternoon. 20 lbs of infant sweetness asleep on my shoulder. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our little worm has seen the worst of this dance with sickness.

During a nice window of smiling cheer this morning, I was able to capture a few shots for his 7 month update.

That's the smile we know and love


Saturday, February 21

Master of Disguise

You would never know by this guy's spirit that he hasn't kept down a bottle or had a solid bowel in 48 hours. 


Saturday, February 7

Lunch in the Sun

My two favorite boys are enjoying a beautiful view while getting first lunch. #SoCal