Sunday, May 31

The best laid plans...

We've always been an on the go kind of family. We like to make plans and socialize with our friends, celebrate with them, commiserate with them and sometimes just see their faces and catch up on the days' news. Well, yesterday was a celebrate kind of day. We were meant to be celebrating the marriage of two of our good friends. However, the Little Boss had something else in store for us. 

The day started with Max having a bit of congestion and some slight wheezing. We thought about bringing him to urgent care but ended up chalking it all up to teething and riding things out. After a fussy morning, he went down for a two and half hour nap and when he woke up, the symptoms were a bit stronger. So, we decided that we'd take him in to urgent care before the wedding. If we missed the ceremony, so be it...we'd join up with the rest of the gang at the reception. We ended up spending about 2 hours in urgent care getting measure, checked, nebulized and x-rayed. All-in-all it was a much larger ordeal than either of us had thought. 

The only up-side to sick days is the immense amount of cuddling.

We walked out of the clinic with the warning of keeping a close watch over Max for any signs of laborious breathing. (And a bit shocked at the horrifying experience Max had to endure to get the x-ray taken.) Therefore, we ended up skipping out on the celebrating altogether. It's a bummer that it's the only Fischer wedding we haven't made it to, but we wouldn't have been able to enjoy ourselves.

He's in great spirits this morning and we're hoping to see the drugs kick in so we don't have to nebulize him as frequently (or at all!).

We're going to attack our Sunday in true Sylva style...running errands and taking care of chores around the house. :)