Friday, June 12


Wrapping up the end of the first week of #SummerVaca and I had a friend come over so I could help her with ideas for staging her house. Before we went out to spend $$ I decided to have her shop around the house. The less she has to buy to get her house sold, the better! 

We picked out a couple of pieces of art for her to take along and one of them happened to be an unused stacked picture frame that still contained the last 4 pictures we had displayed in it. I took the pics out and got the frame ready for her to take with her.

After our shopping was finished and we sat on the deck and chatted for a few...I sent her on her way and cleaned up the remaining remnants so I could get a few things done. I flipped over one of the pictures I had taken out of the frame and found a message from my grandma. She must have written it on the photo after grandpa passed and sent it my way. I either didn't remember it was there or didn't ever know it existed...made we well up. After reflecting on Grandpa Jack for a few minutes I snapped a photo and put it on Instagram...

A few minutes later, I quick opened Google+ and the top post was from my mother...

I had completely forgotten (let's be honest, I haven't looked at the date since last Friday.) that it would have been my grandpa's birthday today. Just seems impressive that things lined up today...

Can't wait to share stories with Max about his Great Grandpa Jack!