Tuesday, July 28

What an Adorably Infectious Giggle

That voice and giggle have so much to love! And Phoebe...oh Phoebe -- she's the greatest big sister a boy could ask for. And one day he'll realize it.


Sunday, July 26

A WILD Birthday Bash

Wild times were had by all. I think.

It's amazing to see the love and support and encouragement that has surrounded Max in his first year of life. That was proven by the turnout at his birthday celebration. It was truly beautiful to see all the folks that came to celebrate Max. Thank you all who were able to make it and take part.

Papi and Daddy tried to go all out for this first birthday bash. We pulled out all the stops and decorated and cooked up a storm. Every minute of it was worth it to see everyone enjoy themselves and fill their bellies.

Max started his day in a worrisome way (at least worrisome for Daddy) as he didn't want to take his morning nap. Well, I think we all know what happens to kiddos who don't get their scheduled naps in. So....when Max decided to fall asleep on daddy's shoulder, daddy let it happen. And it happened for an hour and a half. But since it put Max in the perfect mood for hosting his party, it was the right move to make.

Once he was up and moving, there was no stopping him. He had a pre-party lunch and began entertaining his guests.

The whole afternoon seemed to fly by. Max made his rounds and chatted with all who attended while daddies finished getting the food ready. People ate (and there are still gobs of leftovers). Then it was time for the gift opening. They started calm with only a cousin or two helping out. But after a few gifts were opened, the hoard of cousins swarmed in. Every boy and girl wanted to choose the next gift and wanted to pull the tissue paper and wanted to rip the wrapping....so much was going on!! And daddy just sat with Max in his lap trying to get quickly through each gift before sweating to death in the heat and claustrophobic conditions. 

Much to my surprise Max wasn't fading quickly, but he was fading. We decided to move in on the cake and get his smashing over with. Grandma made a delightful spread for both Max and all of the guests. Not afraid of a little mess, Max ended up digging his fingers in and sliding them as deep into his throat as he could. All said and done, I don't think he actually consumed much of the cake....more like smeared it on his clothes and face.

As Max took a quick bath and said his nap-time "night-nights," his guests continued chilling and hanging out. Slowly, Max's guests began to depart and say their good-byes and the rest of the evening was consumed with chatting with the remaining near-and-dear, much adored friends that stayed to help clean up. We love you much!!

After the nap - it was time to try out a present or two!! 

Both of Max's daddies are exhausted but it was worth every iota of energy!! Today brought a little bit more normal schedule and a little less chaos.

Cheers to another year. We love you, Little Boss!


Wednesday, July 22

12 Months...

...and cute as all get out!! Here's the official 12 Month photo.

I don't have a plan for update going forward. I ran out of stickers so I guess it's up to my imagination to figure it out..."uh-oh!"


Tuesday, July 21

Perfect 1st!

Had a great day celebrating the #LittleBoss with a trip to Como Zoo and then to the Como Pavilion for a picnic dinner. We walked around the zoo and I was surprised with Max's level of engagement. He watched many of the animals and pointed and even made a few "oooo's" when the animals moved around. It's so amazing to watch children interact with their world. 

I was sad to see the flamingos not in their pond but life goes on.

After walking the zoo, we unloaded our bikes and took a ride around the lake and stopped at the pavilion to unload out picnic dinner. Max wasn't too interested in eating but his daddies (who didn't eat much of a lunch) scarfed down a few crackers, hummus and chicken salad. Delicious!

Made it hope for a relaxing night-time ritual and playing with his puppy-sister. What fun!!


Happy Birthday King Max!

Seems near impossible that it has already been a year since Maximilian came into our world and made it the brightest it's ever been. Watching him grow, learn, be cranky, smile, cuddle, point, giggle and ALL the things that make him Max have made my life the greatest!

Later today we'll make trip to the zoo and have a picnic dinner. Maybe even catch a ride or two...


Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th

Thanks to the amazing hospitality of our dear friends in Georgia, Max was able to enjoy his first fireworks experience in the comfort of the backyard. It took him a bit to figure out if the noise and flashiness was a good thing, but he warmed  up to them. 

He's on the mend but still a bit sensitive. 


My view at the moment. #LoveThisKid #MaxandMe

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