Tuesday, July 21

Perfect 1st!

Had a great day celebrating the #LittleBoss with a trip to Como Zoo and then to the Como Pavilion for a picnic dinner. We walked around the zoo and I was surprised with Max's level of engagement. He watched many of the animals and pointed and even made a few "oooo's" when the animals moved around. It's so amazing to watch children interact with their world. 

I was sad to see the flamingos not in their pond but life goes on.

After walking the zoo, we unloaded our bikes and took a ride around the lake and stopped at the pavilion to unload out picnic dinner. Max wasn't too interested in eating but his daddies (who didn't eat much of a lunch) scarfed down a few crackers, hummus and chicken salad. Delicious!

Made it hope for a relaxing night-time ritual and playing with his puppy-sister. What fun!!