Saturday, October 24

Savannah and Sweetness

Our trip to Savannah was pretty great. Company, activities, down time and libations made for a relaxing and amazing time. This photo sums up our trip pretty well. (photo credit: MLV)

While we were gone, though I had an excellent time, I missed on my sweet #LittleBoss pretty hard. This past week home with him has been like hanging out with a whole new's crazy the amount things he can do now. 

Books. Books. Books. All the time books! I love it!!

This was the first night we were back and now he's added a cow, dog, lion & bear (same as a tiger, but they still count) and he knows rooster's so much fun!

However, I think this is my all-time-favorite!!

"All done." was something we have been working on for months in respect to being done with a meal. It had been going okay but still included a little bit (okay, more than a little) of dropping things on the floor first. But now we not only use it at the end of a meal but apparently as a way to conclude the day. 

Our Saturday has been our first free Saturday in awhile and it was great to freely work on things and hang out as we please. 

While Max was down for a nap I worked on a couple of small projects that included finding fall/Halloween books for the #LittleFreeLibrary and for Max's collection. I struggled with contributing to the library since there are so many great books that I don't want Max to miss out on. But, quite a few awesome selections made it out to the #LFL.

Carrots! The other project was carrots! Wow...I've tried carrots fora  few years but never had this great of a turnout. I guess I'll be trying them again next year. 

Alright, I guess that's all for now.