Wednesday, November 18

Rough Ride

"What's that screeching?" is the crap that was going through both our minds (and maybe the #LittleBoss' too) right before some older, daft gentleman smacked right into the back of us. And then a young lady into the back of him. Damn, a good 40ish mph. Coffee flew, seat belts locked and Max yelled. And I shouted at Chip to get over now! so I could check on Max.

Other than being a little rattled after our humpday fender-bender, we're all safe and healthy. I'm happy to report that it didn't take long for Max to turn to his smiley, ham-bone self again. He then went on to entertain Great Grandpa in the hospital. Let's be honest...he entertained all of us at the hospital. He's such a charismatic little man. 

We're home. With a rental. A few calls with insurance agents taken care of. LittleBoss is down for another nap...catching up on some ZZZs before being main entertainment at family dinner.


Not an awesome start to the day. Everyone is safe, thank goodness!

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