Wednesday, February 10


Oh boy,

What a thoroughly thrilling ride. Not because it was super intense or grueling or depressing but because, as buyers, we felt foolish from the beginning. I understand how folks would look at us as foolish, first time buyers who's jaws dropped with the first shiny thing. But you'd be wrong. We've equipped ourselves with  knowledge on schooling, neighborhood and comps... Because that's who we are. We research the living daylights out of everything!

We felt foolish because our first showing was the house we loved! "Loved" might be an understatement. We both lost sleep over it. We pictured ourselves there... but that's when we decided we needed to equip ourselves with some info and kicked the research into high-gear. I was able to reach our to quite a few friends and colleagues that are or have friends in the neighborhood and vetted the community school. We researched crime in the neighbs and drove up and down the streets to get a feel for the community.

Ultimately, we fought to get more showings in the neighborhood (of which there were few) and checked other homes in the price range (again, of which there were few) and realized that this home was an amazing deal that truly fit our family's needs and had to put our offer in.

So we did. Accepted. And now we need to sell our house. (Okay, we need to list it first, but whatever... Details... Details!)

Ahhhh... Can't wait to move to the city!!